Natural Integrated Therapies

Nature's Effusion welcomes you to come and explore an integrated approach to your health. 

We recognize that with our health it is not one size fits all. Each session is personaly tailored to what you as an individual are experiencing today.

About Us

Our Health Mission


Returning home to NZ soil has renewed and re-energizing vigour that only home can bring. 

Our NZ bush has so much to offer, 

 in exploration & in healing.

 It enables us to unwind, breath deep and contemplate what is truly important in life. Our health is vital to our enjoyment and longevity & without this balance we forget who we are and what makes us whole.

Nature's Effusion is about soaking up what nature has to offer, finding that balance of calm and excitement, merging the mind, body & soul.

It is our mission to help you discover your way back to balance with the aid of nature.


Come, feel the difference.



 Liz graduated with her Diploma in Reflexology after 20 years in the adventure tourism and conservation fields. This change of focused was driven by her curiosity of the anatomy & physiology, the extremes the body, mind and spirit can endure when in harmony with each other and nature.

Living the past 5 years in USA, Liz owned her own holistic health practice, volunteered her time at cancer communities, sat on the board of directors for Reflexology Association of California, gained CAMTC / ATMB massage licence in acupressure and various massage modalities. Teaching in various capacities; from a formal holistic training centre, to delivering workshops for medical groups and oncology communities. 

Barefoot Walking


Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud, has vast amounts of wilderness to be explored and shared. Come join our barefoot walks and experience these sensations through your feet.

'Earthing' or 'grounding' is natures way of connecting us to the electrical energy of Earth. Read the research papers if you wish, but your body will tell you first hand when you  experience laying, sitting, walking with your bare skin on the earth, just how vital this connection is to our homeostasis.

Not able to go barefoot due to injury or illness? No worries, bring your shoes & a smile.

 All are welcome!



Cat D

Liz is a true professional reflexologist, & she has all the tools to make you feel at ease
I was lucky to stumble upon her booth at the New Living Expo in San Mateo.  She had a great setup with a zero gravity recliner, which was perfect for getting those feet up after walking around the event!
    The treatment was perfectly balanced for my needs, and I really appreciated the feedback she followed up with for my self-treatment hot spots.   She delivered A + service in a challenging work environment, and I would highly recommend for an excellent experience.

  happy cat paws

Karen A

I first met Liz through Charlotte Maxwell Integrative Clinic where she is a dedicated volunteer. After speaking with her,  I was curious if reflexology could help me with some of my health issues, and with reducing stress (which tends to make everything else flare up!).  After my first appointment, I was hooked.  Liz was able to notice health imbalances based on the texture, color, and temperature in various areas of my feet, toes, and ankles.  I have felt incredibly relaxed after each session and feel better able to manage my stresses overall now that I've been seeing her on a regular basis.  I appreciate her brief "homework assignments" after each session that help me practice simple strategies for keeping calm & collected.

Alexi M

Liz is fantastic. A real talent in the way of reflexology. I was new to the treatment and she took time to have a detailed understanding prior to treatment. After treatment she gives a card with recommendations, diagrams of where to work in myself and most importantly a follow up a couple days after to check to see how my body has responded. Very easy to communicate and schedule. Best in Berkeley, hands down

Synopticalle W

Liz is the real deal--very kind, intuitive and knowledgeable. She's very other-directed--thinking about your needs and your experience in a genuine way. I'm looking forward to a second appointment