This clothed, Traditional Chinese Medicine modality utilizes the same energy meridians as that of acupuncture, however without the use of needles. 

Each meridian contains pressure points, that when stimulated, open pathways for ease of energy (Qi) flow. These pressure points are stimulated by the practitioners finger pressure, releasing the need for needles.

Sometimes we experience pain in very localized areas for seemingly no reason. These are  pressure points that are either in need of stimulating or releasing stuck, blocked or excessive energy.

 Great for:  Supports harmony and misalignments for the physical, spiritual and mental body. 


Clinical Reflexology

Reflexology is more than 'just a foot rub', it utilizes specific maps on the feet, hands and ears. These maps correspond to areas and systems in our body. By applying pressure and stimulation to these areas we active the nervous system to send 'messages' to the corresponding area. Similar premise to that of medication targeting specific systems or pain responses in our body.

 Contrary to popular belief it does not have to inflect pain, although generally the deeper the pressure the more stimulating the effect, which in some cases not the desired approach.

Great for: Stress and tension relief, improved sleep, hormone balancing and structural misalignments.


Lymphatic Massage


Our lymphatic system is responsible for waste products elimination. 

If this is not working at full function we can feel sluggish, fatigued and experience edema - swelling. The circulatory system relies on the heart to pump blood around our body, the lymph system instead, relies on our  physical movement to shunt lymph through vessels and ducts. (Just as squeezing a toothpaste tube, bending and moving our limbs creates a similar effect). Light pressure massage enables 'opening'  of the lymph ducts &  vessels, clearing the  passage and allowing  waste products and toxins to be released from our body.


Great for: Oncology edema, facial relaxation,  limited mobility and sluggish systems.


Oncology Massage


This specialized technique utilizes an array of client lead validation.

An in-depth verbal intake opens the door to positioning, locations,and contraindications to be aware of.

It is important for your practitioner to fully understand which bodily systems are involved in your individual case.

This modality is most beneficial when used alongside a health assessment from your Dr, and in support of their treatment plan. 

As with all holistic modalities, please check with your health care provider first, if this is a good suit for you.

Great for: Maintenance, circulation, physical, mental and emotional well being.


Swedish Massage


Tension in your neck or shoulders?

Tired achy calves from that tramp on the weekend? Wishing to have some 'me time' and unwind? 

Weather you wish to treat yourself to relaxation or looking to consciously ease stress and tension in your body, this modality will melt away aches, pains and bring mental clarity, no more brain fog.

It is the most well known of all massage modalities and is tailored to your specific requirements. 

Please note this is not deep tissue or sports massage.

Great for: Circulation, moving lactic acid, stress,  tension and of course relaxation.


Table Shiatsu


Shiatsu is a form of clothed  Japanese massage in which the energy lines known as meridians are stimulated.

Activation of these meridian lines is carried out by a blend of pressure, rolling, gentle stretching, rocking and small rotations.

Usually carried out on the floor, table shiatsu gives a change to the norm and allows just as deep a session, getting in to tricky areas by holding movements and positions

Clients have stated that it feels just as effective as a deep tissue massage without the intensity of pressure.

Great for: blood flow and circulation, stress and tension, anxiety, depression


Please Note

These modalities are not intended as a replacement to your medical health care professional.

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